Dhanush Mass (2016) Telugu Mp3 songs Free Download

Mass (2016) Movie Audio CD Rips Free Download

Cast : Dhanush,Kajal Agarwal
Director : Balaji Mohan
Music : Anirudh Ravichander

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: Track List :

01 – Paer Dhanush 
Singer(S) : K.G Ranjith,Aravind Srinivas

02 – Theliyani Aase 
Singer(S) : Anand Aravindakshan

03 – Don’u Don’u Don’u
Singer(S) : Sooraj Santosh,Srimathumitha

04 – Dagulu Bagulu
Singer(S) : S.P Abhishek

05 – Thappale Unna
Singer(S) : Hemachandra,Malavika

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